About the Foundation

Sykes Family

The John Sykes Foundation was established on April 10th 2014 with the aim of helping to transform the lives of people in and around Reading.

Real Estate entrepreneur John Sykes was born and raised in the borough, he lived at Cemetery Junction and attended Alfred Sutton School before going on to conceive his businesses.

John has had a vision to establish a local charity for a number of years with the aim of helping anyone in the town that can demonstrate a need for support. Now the multi-millionaire has set up the John Sykes Foundation, which will provide grants and support to people living in Reading.

The foundation aims to support people from all walks of life in areas including education, health, disability, sport, arts and culture, science and any other charitable purpose. There are four levels of grants that can be applied for ranging from smaller grants under £500 to larger grants up to £10,000.

The charity is being personally supported by John Sykes who will meet the costs of the organisation so that 100% of the funds raised are distributed back to the people of Reading.

Reading is a thriving town but there are still people that are forgotten and as a local charity the foundation aims to reach people that national organisations are unable to support.

The charity gives the people of Reading a chance to reach their goals, live their dreams or get a helping hand when they are vulnerable or alone.