Get involved

Get Involved

The foundation has been established to help people that may need a helping hand in and around the Reading area.

It relies on the support of the community and wants the people of Reading to get behind the charity and raise valuable funds for local people in need.

Through donations and support, the charity will be able to help more people in the local area with a range of issues and needs. It could be an elderly neighbour feeling isolated or alone, or a young person struggling to care for a parent whilst studying for exams. We want to help.

Within your own community someone could benefit from the support of the foundation, with your support we can help.


We need you, the more support we receive the greater the level of support for those in need within our local community.

It’s easy to get involved; you can raise money through sponsorship by taking part in an event, arrange your own event or make a one-off or regular donation.

We will support you every step of the way and can provide t-shirts, banners, collecting tins and branded merchandise to help you. The essential ingredient is to have fun and enjoy making a difference.


We need you to get involved. We are actively seeking volunteers to help with fundraising and support. If you want to find out more about volunteering please download this information leaflet and get in touch.

Why Volunteer?

Corporate Partnerships

We want to work with the businesses in and around Reading, both to support our fundraising and find those who may need help themselves. If your organisation has a corporate responsibility programme or nominates a charity to support each year please contact us, you can rest assured that you will receive a warm welcome!

We know that everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, please help us to help them.