A Christmas card from Ufton Court!

A Christmas card from Ufton Court!

We received a beautiful Christmas card from the wonderful team at Ufton Court! Thank you! Have a happy and healthy 2018!

A treasured Thank You card

Thank You cards!

We have received a beautifully artistic Thank You card from a person we have helped recently. It will be treasured greatly.

Trampoline for young Reading boy

A trampoline for a young Reading boy

Recently, we were able to provide a fun trampoline to a young Reading boy with special needs, which would prevent him from doing all the things children his age would normally do. Both for him and his family, the trampoline has made such a difference.

We worked closely with Darren Smyth from Argos and Dene Tonna, who both helped us provide this for him.

He loves playing on it with his family, and it’s amazing to put a great smile on his face!


More news with Thea

£1000 donation to Thea

Almost a year ago now, we donated an iPad to Thea, who has, for nearly 2 years, been suffering with a rare form of bone cancer. Thea, and her Mum, Ali, have been battling through this tough time, and it has been getting even more difficult with more complications being added on to Thea’s struggle.

We have kept a great contact with Thea and Ali, and what Ali finds hard is keeping Thea’s spirits lifted, especially being a single parent with tight funds. It is even more difficult with Thea being unable to do the activities that others of her own age would not.

The John Sykes Foundation recently donated £1000 to Thea and Ali, of which they were both overwhelmed by. Ali said “It will make such a difference being able to afford to buy things, which will make a difference over the forthcoming months.”

This would consequently make a difference in Thea’s reaction to her treatment, as both her and her Mum would have their spirits lifted up, because they wouldn’t have to worry as much!

We’re here for you Thea!

Warm seasonal wishes from Thea and Ali Clarke

Warmest wishes at Christmas.

The JSF received a lovely Christmas card from Thea and Ali.

Hand delivered by Ali Clarke, Thea’s Mum. A beautiful Christmas card hand painted in watercolours by Thea. 


Thea Seasonal Greetings 2

Super Cars raise funds!

A supercar event took place at the Michelin starred L’Ortolan restaurant in Shinfield on Wednesday 23rd September. The cars were a spectacular sight as they lined up outside the restaurant in the morning sunshine.

With 8 supercars ready to drive, the day was a unique opportunity to enjoy driving a dream car. The cars included a Tesla P85D, McLaren 650s, Aston Martin N430, Lamborghini Huracan, Bentley GTC, BMW i8, Jaguar F-Type and Maserati Quattroporté. The selection was stunning.

Those lucky enough to enjoy the amazing driving experience were able to drive their chosen car on the open roads around the area; they experienced the thrill of being behind the wheel and enjoying the roar of the engine. Guests then returned to the restaurant for champagne and canapés and a three-course gourmet lunch specially designed for the occasion by Head Chef Tom Clarke.

The event was held to raise funds for the John Sykes Foundation. The event raised an amazing £1800. Thanks go to the local car dealerships, HR Owen, Ascot McLaren, Lancaster Jaguar, Inchcape BMW and Tesla who without their support the event would not have been possible.

Andrew Strong, Trustee from the charity said “We are absolutely delighted that L’Ortolan have agreed to support us, this is a prestigious event that we are proud to be part of knowing that the funds raised will make a real difference to the individuals we aim to support in the Reading area, thank you to everyone who has made today very special for all those involved.”

Sally Albin, Marketing Director for L’Ortolan said “The day has been a huge success and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the unique opportunity to not only drive but see so many supercars up close. The atmosphere was relaxed with a blend of excitement and enthusiasm which made the day complete.”

Thames Path Challenge

The JSF Walkers set off on Sunday 13th September to take on the 25km Thames Path Challenge. Walking from Cookham to Henley-on-Thames.

A team of 6 ladies, including, Debbie Atkins, Tara Taylor, Josephine Blyth, Diksha Chakravarti, Grainne Ridge and Vickie Randall all living in and around Reading had trained and prepared for the walk before the event. They were ready to go!

Thankfully the weather remained dry as the event saw over 3,000 participants taking part with some walking the ultimate 100km from London to Henley over the entire weekend. The organisers predict that the challenge event will raise over £3 million for 500 different charities.

The JSF team have raised over £850 to date! Well done to you all and thank you, if you would like to add your support please donate here. Well done to all the team, your brilliant efforts are very much appreciated.

Smiling through adversity

Thea Clarke is 13 and lives in Reading. She loved to play football, enjoyed playing the drums, listening to music and going to school at the Willink School in Burghfield.

In January 2014 she fell and hurt her leg. The pain persisted and the usual Doctors appointments followed. She was consequently misdiagnosed until September 2014 when the family received the shattering news that she had Ewing Sarcoma, which was present in her femur.

Ewing Sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer. It most commonly affects people between the ages of 10 to 20 years old. It’s an aggressive form of cancer and requires intensive treatment. As a result of diagnosis Thea underwent an operation to harvest eggs and ovarian tissue and insert a Hickman line. She then underwent intensive chemotherapy for 18 weeks.

In March 2015 she had an operation to remove bone and tissue and insert a metal knee joint, which was screwed into her tibia and femur. Thea is undergoing consolidation chemotherapy for another 24 weeks.

The John Sykes Foundation became aware of Thea’s plight and decided to help. Whilst undergoing treatment Thea has been struggling with school work and being able to get on with any kind of normal life, she’s constantly having treatment and in and out of hospital.

When the foundation discovered that Thea wanted an ipad plans were made to bring a smile to her face. Representatives from the foundation went to meet Thea and listen to her story. As a result the foundation were able to present Thea with an ipad air.

Thea was absolutely thrilled and said, “Thank you so so much for my iPad. I love it!

The foundation recently worked with the organisers of Reading Festival to get Thea along to see her favourite bands. Around her intense treatment programme she was able to get along to the Friday of the Festival and had an amazing day seeing bands she loved. Thea’s Mum said, “Thank you for organising the day at Reading – Thea had a great time and it rocked!!!”

Thea has ongoing treatment and the foundation hope to support her through such a difficult time.

My Charity Run for the John Sykes Foundation

A big ‘Thank You’ from Charlie Sykes

It was an early morning start for Charlie Sykes when he set out to the run on a cold crisp August morning alongside his dad, founder and chairman of the JSF, John Sykes and  foundation trustee Andrew Strong, the aim was to run 6 kilometres, however, with his get up and go attitude, Charlie ended up running a strong 6.4 kilometres. Charlie said “The time leading up to the run was amazing, I felt electric and really happy I was giving back to the community of Reading, although I was really nervous as the only practise I had done was one practise run. Although I was exhausted after the run I kept a smile on my face knowing that I had done something good”.

Charlie Sykes would like to thank  everyone for their kind donations and support.
Currently Charlie has raised £304 for the JSF 


Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website. We have now been established a year and felt the time was right to develop our website so that it reflects our aims and goals for the foundation and illustrates how we want to make a difference to the community of Reading.

The foundation is supporting individuals within its area of reach and wants to hear from people who need help or an extra helping hand. We’ve worked hard to make the website simple to follow and easy to look through. We want to reach as many people in the Reading area as possible and hope that the new website reflects our commitment and passion to help.

We also need our community to get behind us, we know that 100% of the money raised for the foundation will make a difference to the people that apply, they will come from different situations, backgrounds and circumstances. It’s our aim to give someone a chance to have a better life or simply change the course of their life through opportunity.

Simply look through the website and get in touch.