Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website. We have now been established a year and felt the time was right to develop our website so that it reflects our aims and goals for the foundation and illustrates how we want to make a difference to the community of Reading.

The foundation is supporting individuals within its area of reach and wants to hear from people who need help or an extra helping hand. We’ve worked hard to make the website simple to follow and easy to look through. We want to reach as many people in the Reading area as possible and hope that the new website reflects our commitment and passion to help.

We also need our community to get behind us, we know that 100% of the money raised for the foundation will make a difference to the people that apply, they will come from different situations, backgrounds and circumstances. It’s our aim to give someone a chance to have a better life or simply change the course of their life through opportunity.

Simply look through the website and get in touch.

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